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Sunday, October 24, 2010


your stuff
preening show bird.
Myriad eyes watch,
unblinking, while you flaunt
beauty with prideful passion.
Iridescent cloak flying high
as you proclaim: “Look! I am peacock!”

Strut your stuff flamboyant preening show bird.

(All rights reserved.)


  1. Thought you were writing about me for a minute there.

  2. this is cool! I like it! what do you call this form?

  3. Hi Hope. Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the poem and the form. It is a form I invented a few years back and which Luke, from name Dectina Refrain for me. The form is a syllable count of 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 and then a repeat of lines 1 - 4 to stress the point made there. I would love it if you, and anyone else, would try it and share the link with me.

  4. Hi Catherine. I love your poem, so descriptive!
    I also love the form and have had a bash at one on my post (at the bottom so you can scroll past my ramblings to read it!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I will definitely give this dectina style a go, thanks for sharing and teaching us.

  6. Hello Catherine! I really enjoyed this dectina refrain, I've done one but I'm still too pussy to put it on my blog or on the board lol!

  7. nice...really enjoyed this...a fun piece...

  8. Great new form. I loved this. It's quite new to me and is really a delicious build. Wonderful experience!

  9. Love the form! Your words would tend to make it seem easy, however, I am guessing a bit challenging, at least on first try. Lovely piece.

  10. @Penny,Thanks, definitely off to read yours...
    @okoatokewa,look forward to seeing yours... @repressedsoul,Oh, come on now, put it on the board (we're all big kids in the FEPC playground! at least most of the time lol - just put an adult content warning in the heading if necessary)...@Brian Miller, I had fun writing it so I'm glad that came across... @Beachanny, Thanks very much. @Reflections, I may have invented this form but believe me most of the time I struggle to find the words to make it work well - *sighs*...

    All, thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to make such encouraging comments. For those who are going to write one, please share the link with me.

  11. this was a completely new style to me...and worked very well with this poem....thanks for taking part...pete

  12. Hi Pete. Thanks very much for reading and commenting. It's been a while since I've visited One Stop Poetry as I'm very involved on FEPC these days. I am so glad that I took up Luke's invite the other day 'cos it has reminded me how many fine poets I am missing out on.

    Loved this challenge 'cos it gave me the opportunity to share the Dectina Refrain with a wider group. Thanks.

  13. The shape of the poem reflects the swelling of impassioned pride of the peacock! Very creative! Love it!

  14. Hi Greyscale Territory... Thanks for visiting and reading. I like your observation about the swelling of the prideful peacock. The poem is written as a metaphor for fashion models on the catwalk strutting their stuff while the audience watches.

  15. Back again! I have used your idea for a Dectina Refrain on my AuraGem's Painterly Songlines blog. (I make selections of artwork I like and then write a poem for them.)

    Here is the link:


    And thank you for your comment above!