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Monday, November 1, 2010


The children’s eyes were bright with joy
as each surveyed the brand new toy
they’d found beneath the Christmas tree
after Santa’s mammoth spending spree.

He’d given a book to clever Jane
and Ted had found an aeroplane,
while Susan’s puzzle was just fine
and Randy’s train was made of pine.

Raymond got a board and chalk
and Jen’s new doll could even talk
while Simon’s yacht could really sail
and John’s cop car had a loud wail.

Every child of the sixty-four
swore they’d seen Santa at the door,
tip-toeing quietly as a mouse,
carrying a sack into the house.

With faces aglow the children agreed
Santa had been very kind indeed.
Then, as one, their eyes grew sad.
They’d each asked for a mom and a dad.

(All rights reserved.)

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