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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shackled Regret

fifteen ramadan’s
cadre ouma’s life when
four hours
almost claimed it

fierce gun battle
between militant villagers
and armed oppressors;
bloody skirmish, hand grenade;
spear broken beyond repair

by shrapnel,
young back
pierced and
ripped by bullets

barely alive with chest
shredded, ouma’s request
to be killed was rejected;
nursed back to health
only to be taken, shackled,

sensory-deprived, to where
no man, woman
or child
could ever feel
human again

incarcerated and tortured
war crimes tribunal
label: murderer and terrorist
apology rejected
child soldier learned too late

the nature of war is death

(All rights reserved)
Based on the true story of a child soldier, this is the companion poem for an opinion piece at entitled When Murder is not Murder.

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